Best Eye Drops To Cure Floaters

Best Eye Drops to Cure Floaters - MSM With Vitamin C

MSM eye drops containing vitamin C are widely thought to be amongst the best eye drops to cure eye floaters. Through my own personal ventures I have found that Dexterity Health makes a great product titled “Liquid MSM Drops with Vitamin C”. The product can be found on amazon with a simple search, and it is no surprise that the product’s title claims it is commonly used to treat eye floaters. Not only are these MSM eye drops a great way to treat eye floaters, but the MSM and Vitamin C will make your eyes appear brighter and younger. I personally have suffered with a combination of eye floaters and dry eyes for quite some time, and this product has worked wonders for me.

About MSM and it’s Functions

MSM eye drops are a great natural product to cure eye floaters. MSM drops work by softening the membranes of the eye so that nutrients are able to diffuse and heal various areas that may have suffered damage in the past. Besides being a solution in terms of treating eye floaters, MSM drops are a great product in terms of the absorption of other eye products you may be using. For example, many people tend to apply allergy eye drops on a regular basis when the seasons are changing. Using these eye drops in conjunction with the MSM drops will lead to better overall absorption of the ingredients in the allergy drop, and therefore you will likely end up with better results.

Vitamin C For Your Eyes and General Health

The infographic below sheds some light on vitamin C. Regardless of whether or not you choose to use a vitamin C based eye drop, it is still recommended that you consume 400mg of vitamin C each day for its antioxidant properties. Vitamin C deficiency, also known as scurvy, can cause severe bruising, weakness, fatigue, and bleeding gums. Although cases of scurvy are very rare, it is important to be mindful of your intake of key vitamins and minerals.

The Benefits of MSM and Vitamin C for your Eyes

Now, you may have heard of MSM before as a useful product to treat eye floaters; however, you may be questioning whether or not vitamin C is truly beneficial for your eyes. The truth is, vitamin C is responsible for helping the body form and maintain collagen which is found in the cornea of the eye. Maintaining healthy corneas is of course important because the risk of cataracts is reduced. It should also be noted that vitamin C keeps the blood vessels in your eye relaxed- this is why applying a vitamin C based eye drop will make your eyes noticeably healthier.


A great alternative to the eye drops above is an e-book called Eye Floaters No More. Eye Floaters No More reveals plenty of natural methods that work wonders to get rid of eye floaters quickly. I personally have gone back and forth between the vitamin C drops listed above and methods in Eye Floaters No More. As always, you should do your own research, but the information in Eye Floaters No More is truly a gold mine. 

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