Eye Lightening: Is it possible to change your eye color? Case Study

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Eye Lightening Case Study: Introduction

Eye color is arguably one of the most interesting human traits. Approximately 16 different genes code for eye color which eliminates the common misconception that an individual can determine the eye color of offspring simply by using a punnett square. Each eye color is complex and beautiful in its own way; despite this, many people wonder: is it possible to change your eye color?


Eye lightening is often what people strive for when they seek to alter their eye color. Knowing this, I have taken the initiative to put together a case study regarding whether or not it is possible to lighten eye color.


Generally speaking, most people who wonder how to change their eye color are looking for a permanent solution. With this being said, all of the information in this case study will be honest representations of natural eye color change. Due respect will be given to individuals whom I reference throughout this case study.



Surgical Procedures: Bright Ocular and Laser Eye Color Change

Surgical procedures to change your eye color have taken the world by storm in recent years. Although the methods are fairly new, it can be said that these procedures are a foolproof way to permanently alter the color of your iris.


Bright Ocular is an eye color change solution that uses biocompatible  iris implants to permanently change eye color. Bright Ocular could essentially be used by an individual solely for cosmetic purposes, but the company claims that the implants are mainly designed for people diagnosed with heterochromia, albinism, and other conditions that affect the iris.


Looking at this company from an unbiased standpoint, their general approach is wonderful because the procedure offers a solution to patients on a medical spectrum and a personal, cosmetic spectrum.


According to the official website for Bright Ocular, there are plenty of opthalmologists who are trained in the procedure. It should be noted, however, that the procedure is not yet available in the United States and is not FDA approved.


In terms of results, several clients have experienced exceptional outcomes after going through with surgery. Actor Khalil Underwood is just one notable example of a successful Bright Ocular procedure. His story can be viewed here.


Bright Ocular is currently considered to be the leading eye color change procedure. Despite this, a new method is currently being developed which represents laser eye color change. Dr. Gregg Homer from California has worked endlessly on a surgical procedure that can change your eye color.


Dr. Gregg Homer’s claim is that each person technically has blue eyes regardless of their actually eye color. Melanin,  the pigment responsible for the color of your eyes and skin, is found in greater concentration in people who have brown, green, or hazel eyes. Blue eyes essentially represent very little to no melanin.


Laser eye color change is possible by releasing the melanin pigment inside, therefore resulting in eye lightening. Although the procedure is still pending approval in the United States, Dr. Gregg Homer has observed safe results in all of the patients who participated in the clinical trials.


A visual representation of the laser eye color change procedure can be seen below.



Biokinesis refers to the idea that an individual is able to change certain physical characteristics using their subconscious mind. Eye lightening is the main goal that people seek to achieve when opting to biokinesis. As crazy as the idea may sound, many people have had success with positive subliminal messages.


The subconscious mind influences an individual’s actions and feelings, yet the individual is not aware of this part of their mind. Influencing the subconscious mind is a technique that requires constant conscious reinforcement. Most often, if a person is trying to target their subconscious mind, they will turn to subliminal audio.


Subliminal audio and the use of positive subliminal messages is a great way to target your subconscious. The idea here is that if you can think it, you can manifest it. There are a variety of subliminal audio producers around on the internet. Subliminal audio tracks are typically unique and designed for a specific purpose. For example, there is audio designed for changing your eye color, growing taller, falling in love, etc…


To be successful with biokinesis, one must listen to positive subliminal messages religiously. After performing an extensive amount of research, it seems as though listening to subliminal audio for an hour each day will provide the best results. When listening, headphones should be worn to ensure that the audio is perceived at the highest quality. Biokinesis is a long process, and one that often receives criticism from the general public. Regardless, people have had great success with eye lightening by using subliminal audio.


Colordiary (who unfortunately deactivated her instagram) is a great example of the effectiveness of biokinesis. Below you can see before and after pictures that clearly indicate a change in eye color after religious exposure to subliminal audio for many months. Initially, colordiary credited her success to the youtube channel Quadible Integrity. Quadible Integrity is one of many youtube channels that creates positive subliminal messages to change your eye color.

eye lightening, eye color change

Conducting a simple google search will reveal that many people are turning to subliminal affirmations as a means of eye lightening. Tommaso Bruschi, an individual in the biokinesis group on google plus, has also had promising results with subliminal audio.  


Below are two pictures that compare Tommaso’s eye color on day one and day nine of his biokinesis experience. As you can tell, his eye color certainly changed and in a very short time period. Keep in mind that it normally takes a long time to see results from biokinesis. Tommaso is considered to be a unique exception.

Day 1

Day 9

The subliminal audio that Tomasso used can be found here. Although subliminal affirmations are a key piece of the puzzle, Bruschi claims that “it’s not the video, it’s the meditation and the strong belief. I meditate every day min 10 minutes, max 1 hour”.


All of the above information proves that the power of the mind is greater than we know. With this being said, a wishy-washy approach can not be taken if you attempt biokinesis with subliminal audio. Essentially, you are trying to trick your mind into changing certain attributes. Any sort of doubt in your conscious mind will of course hinder the process. If you are in the right state of mind, however, and are focused solely on the end goal, then results will come.

Eye Drops That Change Your Eye Color

Light Eyez:

Light Eyez is one of two companies selling eye drops that change your eye color. Given their name, eye lightening is the main focus of this company. Despite this, you can find a variety of eye care products on their website that are designed to change your eye color, lighten the iris, make your eyelashes longer, and relieve allergy symptoms.


There are many people who have had tremendous success using the honey eye drops from Light Eyez. A plethora of positive results can be viewed under the ‘testimonials’ section on their website. Furthermore, there are many before and after pictures on the Light Eyez official website to prove the effectiveness of their products.


In addition to the other positive qualities about this company, all of their eye drops are deemed doctor recommended, USDA organic, and preservative free. Light Eyez honey eye drops are also compatible with contacts, lasik, and are suitable for sensitive eyes.


Overall, the work that this company is doing could not be better. In terms of eye lightening solutions, as well as completely changing your eye color, this is one of the best ones out there.


If changing your eye color is something that you are potentially interested in, and you would like to give Light Eyez a try, then you’re in luck!





iColour Drops:

iColour eye drops are specifically designed to change your eye color from your birth color to a new color of your choice. Currently, there are a variety of color options available on https://amzn.to/2Wea2ne (amazon)

There is very little known information about the effectiveness of these eye drops that change your eye color. No information is present that deems whether or not their products are natural eye drops. However, the eye drops are guaranteed to be sterile and tamper proof.


I personally believe that iColour eye drops do work to change your natural eye color. The active ingredient in iColour eye drops is n-acetylglucosamine. N-acetylglucosamine prevents the activation of tyrosine which is responsible for producing melanin. Essentially, exposure to n-acetylglucosamine for prolonged periods will slow down melanin production in the iris. Over time, you will inhibit your melanin production to the point where your natural eye color will begin to lighten. After about 6-12 months of using these eye drops, you should notice a drastic difference in your eye color.


Although iColour eye drops do not offer a completely permanent solution, the results are long lasting. Plenty of positive reviews have been left on amazon, and there are a fair amount of before and after pictures on the official website. Despite a majority of positive feedback, it should be noted that there is some speculation that this company uses dye as one of their main ingredients. This claim has not been verified, so providing more information on the query is unnecessary.


Here is an example of a iColour eye drops user who experienced great results. This photo was taken from amazon itself, and the person noticed their natural eye color change from brown to green after using iColour eye drops. The woman only used the drops for two months and still noticed a substantial change. Given this review as well as many other positive reviews, I affirm that iColour eye drops work, but they work differently for different people. Depending on how much melanin you have to begin with will depend on how long it will take to change your eye color with these drops. Patience is key, according to this review.


iColour eyedrops                                                                                                                   An example of a positive iColour experience from amazon.

Regardless of the fact that extensive research has been conducted throughout the creation of this case study, it is still advised that each individual does their own research before attempting eye lightening. I would recommend this product, as well as LightEyez if you are looking to change your eye color. Please note that you should choose one or the other and not both.


Lastly, it is interesting to note that the main ingredient, n-acetylglucosamine, has proven to reduce facial hyperpigmentation in a study. Considering that this ingredient works to reduce pigmentation in the skin, it certainly has to have a similar effect on pigmentation in the iris. I would definitely recommend iColour drops to change your eye color.


Diet has a large influence on physical characteristics and well-being. People with sub-par nutrition are at a higher risk for health conditions – many of which can affect the eyes. With a large vegan uprising in recent years, more people have begun to claim that their eyes changed color when switching to a raw-food based diet.


The idea that you can change your eye color with a raw diet is mainly backed by iridology. Iridology is a field of alternative medicine where doctors examine the iris to determine more about a patient’s overall health. An iridology exam allows a doctor to determine whether or not there are excess toxins plaguing the patient’s internal organs.


Most of the toxins that could be hiding your legitimate eye color are from excessive meat consumption. While there is very little solid proof that a raw diet aids in eye lightening, it should be noted that many people have noticed their eyes changing color after going vegan. Kristina from Fully Raw on youtube released a video that highlighted the change in her eye color from brown to green after switching to a raw diet. Before and after pictures can be seen in the video if you please.


Also worth noting is the fact that many people who seek to change eye colors are people with brown eyes. Brown eyes are interesting because a lot of people who claim to have brown eyes truly have hazel eyes. Hazel eyes that appear darker than they should are referred to as “faux brown eyes”. Faux brown eyes create an illusion that there are no other hues in the eye, while there are in fact many. You can determine if you have faux brown eyes, which are actually hazel eyes, simply by observing your eyes under natural lighting. If there appears to be rings around the iris that are lighter in value than the rest of your eye, then chances are you have faux brown eyes.


To bring out the hazel tones in faux brown eyes, one can simply drink the recommended 64 fluid ounces (roughly two liters) of water a day. Doing so will flush any toxins from your system that might be negatively affecting your natural eye color. Furthermore, eating organic fruits and vegetables more often can bring out hazel eyes.

Coloured Contact Lenses:

Information provided in this case study is intended to provide insight on whether or not you can change your eye color naturally. With this being said, coloured contact lenses are certainly an option in terms of eye lightening but it is a temporary solution.


There are a variety of colored contact lenses on the market, all of which can be discovered via a google search. If eye lightening is a topic of interest for you, then it is heavily recommended that you experiment with coloured contacts before commiting to a method that can permanently change your eye color.


Eye color is one of the most interesting human traits, and rightfully so. An individual seeking to change their eye color has many options including: surgical procedures, biokinesis, eye drops, and nutritional changes.


Throughout this eye lightening case study, a plethora of information has been provided to answer the following question: is it possible to change your eye color? While there is a sufficient amount of evidence that it is possible to alter the color of your eyes, all of the information in this article should be taken with a grain of salt. Please do not take any of the information in this article as medical advice. Remember to conduct your own research before attempting change your eye color.