Preservative Free Eye Drops

Preservative Free Eye Drops

Why Preservative Free Eye Drops are the Way to Go


Whether you’re suffering with dry eyes, allergies, or redness in the eyes, there is a good chance you have used eye drops before for relief. Unfortunately, many eye drops on the market contain preservatives that can ultimately cause more harm than good. Choosing to use preservative free eye drops will eliminate the chance of your symptoms getting worse. Many people will showcase a negative response to the preservatives added to eye drops. These substances can contribute to dry eyes, irritation, redness, and a number of other symptoms.

How to Choose the Best Eye Drops for Yourself


There are eye drops for just about every eye ailment. Knowing this, you might wonder how to choose a product that is best suited for your needs. Throughout the remainder of this article, I will reference the best preservative free eye drops for the most common eye conditions.

Eye Drops for Redness in the Eyes

Clear Eyes is the number one selling brand of eye drops. Therefore, it is no surprise that I choose a clear eyes product as a recommendation for you all. Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom is often regarded as one of the greatest preservative free eye drops. Although this product is not designed to solely target redness, it will certainly get the job done.


Besides redness, Clear Eyes Pure Relief is also suitable for people with burning, itchy, or dry eyes. If you are looking for a product that tackles all aspects of eye problems, then this is definitely the product for you. Furthermore, these eye drops are affordable on any budget; with a price-point under ten dollars, you cannot go wrong.

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are arguably one of the symptoms that people most often use eye drops for. With this being said, there are a number of products on the market designed specifically for dry eyes. Systane Ultra Preservative Free Eye Drops are a phenomenal option for alleviating dry eyes. These eye drops are composed of only two ingredients, none of that extra jazz. Moreover, Systane is the #1 doctor-recommended brand, so there is no need to be skeptical about the effectiveness of this product.


Despite being regarded as one of the best dry eye products available, these eye drops are luckily very affordable. At a price of roughly ten dollars, you will not break the bank by buying this product; in fact, the investment is one that is worth making.

Eye Drops for Allergies

Seasonal allergies can create a boat load of problems. Besides being congested, having an itchy throat, or having a runny nose, you may experience eye irritation. Bausch and Lomb Allergy Relief Eye Drops are a great choice for those who suffer with allergies. These eye drops are clinically proven to relieve itching and redness- the two most common symptoms associated with allergies.


Similar to the rest of the eye drops mentioned in this article, Bausch and Lomb Allergy Relief Eye Drops are very affordable. The built-in antihistamine will ensure that you get relief for symptoms caused by pollen, grass, pets, and more. It should be noted, however, that these eye drops are not recommended for people who wear contacts.


If you regularly use eye drops for a given eye issue, then you should check to make sure that you’re using preservative free eye drops as opposed to an alternative. People are often sensitive to the preservatives found in many eye drops on the market which can contribute to more issues down the line.


As a side note, if you have eye floaters and are using eye drops, then it is essential that the eye drops you use be preservative free. Increased irritation will make floaters more apparent, and this can certainly be avoided. If this topic concerns you, feel free to check out my article on the best eye drops for eye floaters.

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