What is iridology?
Dr. Bernard Jensen is considered the father of iridology

What is iridology?

What is iridology - An overview of iridology and it's benefits

If you have heard of alternative medicine, Iridology is one field in which experts  inspect and analyze the iris of the eye and gauge any health problems that you are facing. They can also tell you about any health issue that is on the horizon and may affect you in the future.


They say that the eyes are a window to a person’s health; when there is a spark in the eyes, it indicates good health. While Iridology is a practice that is considered pseudoscience, and doesn’t come under the normal scientific health practices, it is still a practice that a a lot of people find effective. When it comes to knowing about the benefits of such a therapy, there are several for you to know about.

Complete knowledge about your health


When experts look at your iris using special devices, they come up with an analysis report where they tell you about your health. Said report tells you about what’s going on in your body internally. After receiving the report based on iris diagnostics, you can then take preventive steps to maintain good health.

You know how your organs are functioning


There are times when you do not understand the problems that your body faces, especially when the problem is internal as opposed to external. When you undergo an iridology exam, the experts tell you about the functionality of the body as well as the organs. Iridologists tell you about how things are functioning and whether you need to undergo any other therapy to take care of it.

Iridology to locate inflammation


When an iridologist analyzes your iris, they can indicate what parts of the body are experiencing inflammation. It may not be something that you feel physically, however it gets detected, and thus you can learn more about your body’s problems. Natural treatments to cure the inflammation, as well as medication, could help you before things get complicated.  

Iridology exams assess body activity


As the experts inspecting your iris are telling you what iridology is all about, they are likely to tell you about the functionalities of organs in your body. An iridologist can tell you about parts of the body that are too active, and likewise they can tell you about parts that are not active enough. From this point, you can devise a plan to make sure everything is working in synergy.

You get to know of complications beforehand


After an iridology exam, you will learn about complications (if any) that your body is facing or if there are chances for it to surface. Once informed, you know when to consult a doctor and how to get things under control. With problems being detected beforehand, you do not have to suffer from the complications at a later stage.

Iridology is a painless practice


With Iridology, one doesn’t have to undergo any complicated processes. A licensed iridologist would make use of a magnifying glass and flashlight to examine your iris in a better manner. There is no need for touching the body in any manner. A simple, yet painless examination of the iris can tell you a plethora about your health.

This is a harmless therapy


Unlike other alternative therapies, iridology has nothing to do with bringing about physical changes to the body. All you are to do is get help from the expert who would analyze you, and from there it’s on you to implement any other type of therapies. Iridology is completely harmless, and it is only with your consent that any other step is taken once a problem is detected in your body.

Discover more about your emotional health


It is not just the changes in the physical health that Iridology is capable of detecting but also helping you get to know about your emotional state of being. If you are stressed or are tensed about anything, you get to know of it where experts detect it well and guide you accordingly.

Learn about the toxin composition in your body


Each of us is exposed to pollution and impurities coming in through the food we eat and the air we breathe. The body witnesses the accumulation of the toxins, and that is where your body tends to start showing problems. With Iridology, you get to know of toxin accumulation in the body. Consuming fruits containing antioxidants as well as receiving a massage from time to time allows the blood to circulate well and get rid of toxins accordingly.        

It acts as a preventive measure


There are times when you do not know of the illnesses that your body is likely to face. It could be the flu or a fever that is approaching, and such information is precisely what an iridologist can detect. Detection at an early stage, even when there are no signs of the condition in the body, can very well be life saving.

There is no healing involved

Informing people of the state of their general health is nothing short of a good thing. There is no one to heal you in Iridology. Iridology is simply a conveying of a message about your health through the examination of the iris.


When it comes to looking for experts in iridology, you may come across several when you conduct an internet search. While everyone will claim to be the best, it is necessary on your part to ensure that you choose someone who is capable of telling you accurate information about your health. Choosing them by their popularity, as well as experience, is a tactic that allows you to receive good results from their consultation. Asking for help from acquaintances can also be helpful, but that doesn’t mean that you go around consulting anyone you come across. Expertise and experience are two prominent factors when it comes to choosing an iridologist.

what is iridology
Dr. Bernard Jensen is considered the father of iridology.
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