The Best Way to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are a very common condition amongst adults. Roughly 70% of humans experience floaters, which leaves many people wondering “what’s the best way to get rid of eye floaters?”. Prior to knowing good remedies for eye floaters, it is important that one understands how eye floaters come to be and whether or not they pose any threat to your eye health.


More often than not, eye floaters will begin to appear as a person continues to age. Floaters may present themselves in a variety of different forms, but most commonly they will resemble black or grey spots, strings, or cobwebs. Eye floaters start to appear when the vitreous (a jelly like substance that maintains the shape of your eye) begins to take on a liquid consistency. Because of the new consistency, fibers in the vitreous start to clump together and will eventually cast a shadow on your retina. These shadows that are cast on your retina are what you see as eye floaters.

There is a common misconception that eye floaters are a dangerous health condition. In reality, eye floaters represent a benign condition which rarely, if ever, impedes with one’s daily life. Although eye floaters are not dangerous, they are certainly deemed annoying by a majority of people suffering with the condition. With this being said, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get rid of eye floaters:


  1. General Ignorance

 As dumb as it may sound, simply ignoring your eye floaters as you continue with your daily tasks may prove to be the most beneficial remedy for eye floaters. According to the Washington Post, “researchers at John Hopkins University… suggest that learning to ignore certain things is a powerful tool for helping people focus”(Swanson). One of the biggest issues with eye floaters is the fact that many people lose their focus because they’re distracted by the shadows being cast on their retina. The human brain is extremely powerful, and if you start paying less attention to your eye floaters, you will soon notice that they’re not as much of a problem as they once were.


Humans have a tendency to drive themselves crazy over situations that are not completely in their control. A twentieth century psychology book titled Psycho-Cybernatics once claimed that it takes roughly 21 consecutive days for a mental image to dissolve. With this being said, I encourage those of you suffering with eye floaters to be patient and continuously try to pay less mind to your floaters. In this case, ignorance is bliss, and in due time you will realize that your brain has adapted to perceive your eye floaters as nothing.

2) Laser Vitreolysis


Laser vitreolysis is one of the few guaranteed ways to get rid of your eye floaters, but keep in mind that this is a surgical option. Laser vitreolysis is a great option for people because of it’s high effectiveness, low complication rate, and satisfactory patient reviews. The procedure is completed by using a nano-pulsed YAG laser. A laser lens is first placed on the affected eye, and subsequently the laser itself is focused on the surface of the floater. The YAG lasers generate enough power to vaporize fibers in the vitreous which essentially rids the patient of eye floaters immediately.


Before considering laser vitreolysis as a solution, you should first ask yourself how bad your eye floaters truly are. To reiterate, eye floaters are a very common condition, and one that may improve via a natural route. If your eye floaters are not interfering with your everyday life, then it is heavily suggested that you start to practice ignorance towards the condition as mentioned above. On the other hand, if you have a plethora of floaters, and the condition only seems to get worse, you should see an opthamologist as soon as possible to determine what is causing the problem. If eye floaters come on rapidly you may be experiencing retinal detachment, uveitis, or potentially an eye tumor.


3) Adopting a Good Nutrition Plan


Have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat”? Chances are, you have, and the saying holds true regarding the health of your vision as well. Adopting a good nutrition plan is crucial for maintaining healthy eyes for years to come. Truth be told, your eye floaters will probably not disappear overnight just by consuming more vegetables than you normally would. Despite this, staying consistent on a good nutrition plan can reverse many of the negative health conditions that you may have from years of poor eating habits. There is a strong correlation between eye floaters and diabetes. Chances are, if you’re diabetic you will have a lot more eye floaters compared to a person who’s not diabetic. Type 2 diabetes in particular is a condition that stems from poor nutrition, and with this information it is easy to connect the dots and conclude that eating unhealthy foods will ultimately make your eye floaters worse over time. Therefore, changing your nutrition plan could be considered the best natural remedy for eye floaters.



There are a variety of remedies for eye floaters, but the best way to get rid of eye floaters (in terms of a natural approach) is through general ignorance and adopting a good nutrition plan. In extreme cases, or if recommended by an opthamologist, laser vitreolysis is a great option for people suffering with eye floaters. All of the methods discussed in this post are fine choices; nevertheless, each person should evaluate their own situation to determine the best course of action.


Remember that your eye floaters are nothing to be ashamed about, and certainly nothing to worry about. For more information regarding eye floaters and general eye health, feel free to check out the rest of our website. By improving your nutrition and maintaining ignorance towards the problem, there is no doubt that you can get rid of your eye floaters. Everyone has the right to see clearly, and we can do so with the power of our minds!

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